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Here you can see the difference between a free demo and a paid version of Forex Tester

Benefits Demo version (free) Full version (paid)
Amount of data for backtesting No more than 1 month of historical data Unlimited. You can test strategies on 21 years of our free data service + import any amount of data for any symbol from external sources
Historical news included Available only for USD
Easy Forex Builder* Unlimited access
Interactive Educational Courses (built-in) Forex Introduction course only Forex Introduction course + Intermediate + Advanced courses (Intermediate/Advanced courses coming soon)
AI-based Strategy Optimizer Test all algorithms at 1 month of the free data
  • Basic subscription: Full grid algorithm at Forexite data
  • Standard subscription: Full grid algorithm + AI-based Neural Network algorithm at Forexite data or 1-min Standard Data Feed
  • Super subscription: Full grid algorithm + all AI-based algorithms + all the data and symbols available
Risk/Reward tool
Amount of time for backtesting No more than 1 hour of uninterrupted testing Unlimited. Test your strategies, save projects, resume testing anytime you need – lifetime license
Save projects Save and open any number of projects
Other features
  • 10 simple manual strategies to start
  • 5 price action-based EAs along with a detailed instruction on the strategies' rules
  • 11-step plan on how to get the most out of backtesting
  • Risk calculation + Money management table
  • “How to choose a broker” guide
  • “20 indicators to try today to improve your trading tomorrow”

* Easy Forex Builder allows you to create strategies in a couple of clicks, without having programming skills.

How to avoid typical mistakes in trading?

Traders often make the following error. They open a statistically non-significant number of orders according to the rules of the particular trading system. Then, based on those 20-100 transactions they conclude about the entire system as a whole.

If the trades were mostly profitable – they immediately rush to apply this strategy on the live account.

If the overall trading result ended with a loss, they discard the strategy and continue searching for another method.

Tremendous importance of a sufficient data range

The sample of 50 trades says literally nothing about the strategy. To obtain statistically confident results of the strategy’s performance, you need to test the system on at least a few hundred transactions to make your first conclusions. For the deeper conclusions, the total number of orders should reach at least a 1,000 value.

Probability theory in the backtesting process

If you flip a coin 5 times, it is quite possible that tails will appear 5 times in a row. Does it mean that in all 100% cases the coin should show tails? Of course, no.

Toss a coin a significant number of times

Toss a coin at least 100 times, and you will discover that tails tend to appear approximately 50 times. It may deviate from this value and, for example, meet 45 or, alternatively, 55 times, but the overall trend towards appearing tails in half of the cases will certainly take place.

Flip a coin 1,000 times and the deviation error from the "500" value will be quite low – about 1-2% (e.g., 490 or 520 flipping cases from all 1,000).

Lifetime license for the comprehending backtesting results

We highly recommend you to stick to this approach in backtesting as well. With a license of Forex Tester, you have a lifetime for backtesting your trading systems.

If you do not have persuasive and profitable results of your trading system on the historical rates, then you do not have any reason to deposit your live account with real money.

On contrary, the thorough analysis on a Forex Tester’s virtual account will most likely lead to success when you go trading live later.

When you stumble upon a range of losing trades (all of us do) while trading with real money, statistics from years of backtested data and thousands of profitable trades within Forex Tester will give you courage to proceed. Without Forex Tester there is no way you can be confident in your trading method.