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Interactive Forex training inside Forex Tester 5

It’s not just a Forex simulator now, it is also an educational platform.

New ribbon interface of the Forex Tester 5 simulator

Enjoy backtesting Forex strategies in a new attractive interface.

Backtest faster using Forex Tester 5 hotkeys

Accelerate backtesting even more with the updated hotkeys.

Using the profit/loss value in Forex Tester 5

Check the amount of profit / loss
(in $) when opening a trade.

Try more effective indicators and EAs | Forex Tester 5

Find your brilliant trading strategy with 40 new indicators and 15 EAs.

Safer news trading in the Forex Tester 5 software

Learn to trade safely. Lower your risks before the major news comes out.

Backtest more cryptocurrencies in Forex Tester

An extended list of exotics is already at your disposal.

Forex Tester 5: all of the best backtesting advantages

All features of the previous versions of Forex Tester

Best Forex market simulation | Forex Tester 5

Interactive, convenient, fast.

Your best assistant in the Forex market


Ribbon User

Stylish, clear, user-friendly! Makes your work more convenient and brings aesthetic pleasure.

If you are more conservative when it comes to your favorite Forex software – it’s not a problem! You can always go back to the previous design with a couple of clicks.

Risk / Reward Tool

Estimate your prospective trade profit and risk right on the chart.

Comparing the expected returns with the amount of risk, this trading tool helps you to understand whether an order is worth to be open. No magic, just pure math!

Your task is to indicate the account size and acceptable risk, formulas will do the rest of the job for you. In the end, you get a clear vision of what can happen with your balance if the price goes up or down.

Interactive Forex Training

Ordinary learning methods provide low information retention (lecture – 5%, reading – 10%). Increase the result to 75% practising new knowledge right in the trading terminal.


Turn theory into practice following our hints, as if an experienced Forex trader teaches you to conquer the currency market.


Start a course on the Forex market basics as soon as you run the new version. Receive notifications of newly added advanced courses by our partners and us.


You don’t need to pass each of the courses to proceed to the next one. Begin with a course that seems more attractive to you in terms of your FX trading experience.

One-Click Forex Trading

Manage orders, groups of orders with just one click. You can define settings in advance and save time on repetitive boring tasks.

Every second in the FX market matters since it may change the price and affect the final profit you’ll get. Now you can speed up your trading process:

  • Open/close several Forex orders immediately.
  • Open group of orders with predefined settings for each of them.
  • Close orders by type (market/pending, profitable/losing).
  • Predefine Stop Loss and Take Profit – in pips or in risk %.
  • And much more.

AI-based Strategy Optimizer

Find your strategy’s best parameters a hundred times faster using the AI-based tool.

After you define the strategy parameters you want to optimize, the AI-based algorithm will create a list of all possible combinations, skip the least profitable ones, and find the optimal parameter set.

Development & Conversion of Forex Indicators / EAs
Do you need assistance with the Forex tool development or conversion? Do you want to make your trading dream come true? Do you desire to succeed in Forex FX without coding skills?
It’s as easy as pie!

Our dear partner, the 4xDev company, offers the next programming services

  • Development of Forex tools (indicators, Expert Advisors, alerts, scripts, etc.).
  • Conversion of Forex tools into the required format.
  • Backtesting and optimization.
  • Licensing of Forex EAs, indicators, and other trading tools.
  • Code protection from decompilation applying obfuscation.

To make an order, write to or visit their official website.
*4xDev representatives will provide you with all the information. They will estimate your request and announce the price and deadlines.


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