Top 23 Exclusive Benefits of the Forex Trading Simulator [Screenshots]

Top features of the Forex Tester trading simulator:
an insider's look [Screenshots]

Strategy Optimizer tool: find the best settings for your EA with AI power
Get the whole idea of the possible outcome of the trade with the Risk-Reward tool
Open/close trades in one click with built-in Forex Speed Up tool
Learn Forex basics with the interactive built-in courses
New user-friendly interface available in Forex Tester
Enjoy more than 800 symbols avaliable in Super data subscription
Create your own EAs with Easy Forex Builder
Add your broker's commission for the neater calculations
Statistics (Filters for Account history)
Choose multiple currency pairs in Forex Tester trading simulator
Testing strategies on multiple currency pairs and multiple time frames simultaneously
Forex Tester simulator: Use the Profit chart for better analysis
Profit chart for a comprehending analysis of your trading systems
Improve your trading skills with Forex Tester’s detailed statistics
Provides detailed statistics during the test and after the test
How to save/open saved projects in Forex Tester trading simulator
Pause testing, save project, continue later
How to test several strategies in Forex Tester trading simulator
Testing several automatic strategies (EAs) at the same time
How to save templates in Forex Tester trading simulator
Adjust the charts,save as templates and return to them later
Look at different charts simultaneously in the Forex Tester simulator
Multiwindow interface
Forex Tester: How to place orders right from the screen
Placing orders from the screen
How to adjust market order settings in Forex Tester software
Market Orders
How to modify orders in Forex Tester trading simulator
Modify orders easily in one click
How to set indicators in Forex Tester trading simulator
More than 40 popular indicators at your disposal
How to use paint tools in Forex Tester software
Paint tools
Use historical data to drive lessons from Forex history
Trade History on Charts
Use historical data to drive lessons from Forex history
Place a group of pre-defined pending orders
How to change a language in Forex Tester trading simulator
Multiple Languages Interface
How to change symbol properties in Forex Tester software
Change Properties of Backtesting
How to adjust a time zone in Forex Tester simulator
Shift time
Forex Tester simulator: How to export backtesting results to Excel
Export Data to Excel
How to select time frames in Forex Tester trading simulator
Create Custom Timeframes
How to adjust trailing stop in Forex Tester software
Trailing Stop
How to deposit and withdraw money in Forex Tester software
Immediate account deposit/withdrawal
Forex Tester: Place Stop Loss and Take Profit indices easily
Place SL & TP easier
Synchronization (Scrolling of the charts)
Useful settings (Notes and notepad)
Date/Time settings (DST)
Date/Time settings (Download new data)
Date/Time settings (Custom time settings)
Date/Time settings (Restart project)
Follow huge market news at your chart

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