Moving Average Crossover Trading Strategy

Backtesting a EUR/USD Forex Trading Strategy Using MA Crossover

1. Introduction

In the ever-evolving world of forex trading, the efficacy of a strategy is not solely proven by its ability to generate profits, but also its resilience during challenging periods. The Moving Average (MA) crossover, a staple for many traders, can exhibit both profitable and loss phases. This article discusses the performance of this strategy during a not-so-favorable period on the EUR/USD pair.

2. Methodology

Data Selection

Symbol: EUR/USD

Testing Period: Spanning the first quarter of 2021, from January to March.

Timeframe: Daily

Strategy Description

Utilizing a swift 50-period MA juxtaposed with a lagging 200-period MA, the strategy identifies potential market momentum shifts, signaling traders when to enter or exit the market.

3. Backtesting Results

Testing Period: 01/01/2021 - 01/03/2021 (3 months)

Symbol: EUR/USD

Timeframe: Daily

Total Trades: 36

Profit Trades: 15

Loss Trades: 21

Max Profit Trade: $2,000

Max Loss Trade: $1,800

Initial Deposit: $10,000

Net Profit: -$900 (Representing a 9% loss)

Gross Profit: $18,000

Gross Loss: $18,900

Profit per Month: -$300

Average Profitability per Month: -3%

Average Profit per Trade: $1,200

Average Loss per Trade: $900

Profit-to-Loss Ratio: 1.33

Max Drawdown: $2,500

Profit Factor: 95%

Return: -9%

Max Lot Per Trade Used: 2.00

Restoration Factor: 0.36

Reliability Factor: 41.67%

Profit Probability: 41.67%

Loss Probability: 58.33%

Performance Metrics:

Of the 36 trades conducted, 15 were profitable while 21 resulted in losses.

The net outcome was a decline of 9% over the three-month period.

Profits and Losses:

From an initial deposit of $10,000, the strategy resulted in a net loss of $900, with the most profitable trade netting $2,000 and the largest loss at $1,800.

4. Analysis of Results


Despite the overall loss, the strategy had periods of success, as seen with a max profit trade of $2,000.


The reliability factor of 41.67% suggests that the strategy might require further refinement. A loss probability of 58.33% calls for careful risk management.

5. Potential Improvements and Recommendations

Given the performance, integrating additional indicators like Stochastic Oscillator or MACD might help improve entry and exit signals. Moreover, a more stringent risk management system, including setting tighter stop-losses, could curb potential losses.

6. Conclusion

The MA crossover strategy's performance on the EUR/USD during these three months underscores the fact that no strategy is foolproof. It serves as a reminder of the volatile nature of forex markets and emphasizes the importance of continuous strategy evaluation and refinement.

Disclaimer: Past performance of any trading strategy or system is not necessarily indicative of future results. The hypothetical backtested results presented here are illustrative and should not be used as a concrete indicator of future earnings. Always approach trading strategies with caution, thorough research, and, if possible, seek advice from financial professionals.


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