Code MT4 and Forex Tester 4 indicators/EAs from scratch

You think you have dozens of trading ideas, but you lack coding skills or time to arrange them as indicators and Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 4? Or, perhaps, you have an idea of the tool that can help you to automate the trading process, but it should be created from scratch?

What can we offer?

Let us introduce our valuable partner – the 4xdev company. It is a team of specialists who focus on Forex tools development. They can provide you with the next services:

  • creating indicators and EAs for MetaTrader 4
  • creating tools for MetaTrader 4/Forex Tester 4 (for example, a tool for scalping, a panel of orders, or any other tool you lack in MetaTrader or/and Forex Tester 4)
  • creating a script for MetaTrader 4/Forex Tester
  • backtesting a strategy for you and providing a detailed report about its performance
  • converting historical data in any required format
* In case you already have a .mq4 file (indicator, EA, or script) and you need to convert it into the .dll format which is suitable for Forex Tester, please make use of a great tool added to Forex Tester 4 – our MT4 to FT4 Converter. More information about the tool can be found on this page:


Please send your technical specifications to our partner’s email: Don’t forget to specify the subject of your letter (e.g. Coding an indicator).

The representatives of the 4xdev company will contact you either by email or by phone (which method would be more convenient for you). They will also provide you with more detailed information concerning your order: the time required for its execution, price, etc.

Get your results

You can receive desirable indicators/EAs in 2 formats: .mq4 (for the MetaTrader platform) and .dll (for the Forex Tester trading simulator).

Privacy Policy

By employing our partner’s services, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use established by the 4xdev company. Forex Tester Software, Inc. is not responsible for the services provided.