How to easily modify orders in Forex trading simulator

After placing orders (market or pending), you can change most of their settings.

For market orders, you can modify:

  • The Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
  • Trailing Stop parameters.

For pending orders, you can change:

  • The market price.
  • The Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
  • Trailing Stop parameters.

If you place only one order, you can modify it by clicking the “Modify order” button on the Order tab.

Or by choosing the “Modify order” option from the dropdown menu next to the “Pending order” button on the Home tab.

You can also use the F4 key on your keyboard for that purpose.

If you place more than one order, you need to select the one you want to change the settings for in the Open Positions or Pending Orders tabs at first, and then click the “Modify order” button.

You can also use the right mouse click on order and select the “Modify Order” option from a popup menu.

Double-click the left mouse button on the order to move the chart to the time when the order is placed. You will see a vertical line that highlights that moment and a “Modify order” dialog opened.
The parameters that can’t be modified are grayed out. By clicking the “Close position” button, you can close the opened order.

Click the “Delete order” button to remove a pending order.

There are toolbar buttons, hotkeys, dropdown, and popup menus to close the opened positions or delete pending orders as well — use any you’re fine with.

There is also an option to move the SL/TP of market orders and the execution price of pending orders by drag-n-dropping the chart’s lines.