How to save your projects and draw effective lessons from your trading

Project is a saved testing strategy with all its features inclusively. Project saves all its structure with orders, charts, and indicators which were placed on these charts. And after opening the project, it restores its entire saved features & elements. For convenience and ease, you can save your current project in this way – Go to the Home tab and click the Save project button

Type the project’s name, and click Save:

Then you’ll see the project’s name in brackets:

To open your saved project: Click the Open project button on the Home tab:

You’ll see the window with the list of saved projects. Select the project you need and click Open:

You can use such a point of restoration to save some essential parts while testing the same strategy, and then when it is necessary, to reverse to any of its points you have saved.

Project restoration saves your time: you can save just your strategy project, or even a couple of parts of one and the same strategy, and then come back to any saved point any time you wish. It’s easy, quick, and practical and gives you an opportunity to simply save the point you want or freeze some interesting trading spot.

You can start a current project from the beginning in any time of testing.

To do this, please click Restart Project button.

Please note that this action will delete all your current trades and account history.