How to improve your trading results simply learning from statistics

The statistics on the strategy’s performance is displayed during the test and after the testing is finished. The "Statistics" window shows the most important indicators such as:

  • the number of total profit and loss trades
  • maximum profit and loss trade
  • net profit
  • profit per month
  • average profitable and losing trade
  • maximum drawdown
  • and many others

You can add the Profit chart for analysing your trade strategy by clicking the Profit Chart button on the Charts tab.

Profit chart is an individual chart that contains the specific candlestick chart and three additional lines:

  1. The Balance line, the green one, displays your deposit’s changes.
  2. The Margin line is colored in gray.
  3. The Drawdown line is painted in red color.
  4. The Profit chart is a set of candlesticks that gives a visual comprehending of how the equity has been changing.

The main difference between the balance and equity is that the balance line can be built only when the trade is closed whereas the equity line shows all the changes in the account for the opening trades.

You can export Profit chart to file or excel for further analysis. Just use right-click in any place of the chart and select Export Equity to a File/ Excel.

If you right-click on the "Statistics" window, you will be able to export these data to Excel or to a .txt file.

You can disable statistics window by clicking on the Statistics window on the Windows tab.

You can see your Profit and Loss in points on the “Account History” tab in the “Profit/Loss” row.

You can use different filters to make your trading analysis more convenient. Just click on the Show filters link .

You can apply one of the represented filters:

  1. Date filter - show orders by Open, Close, Open and Close, Open or Close dates.
  2. Symbol - show only selected symbols.
  3. Type - show only Buy or Sell or All orders.
  4. Profit - show all or only profitable/unprofitable orders.

Then click Apply to filter the values, or Clear to reset the filters.

Also, you can export the account history to Excel or text file by clicking the right mouse button on the "Account history" tab and selecting a necessary export option.