Forex trading indicators: an ultimate tool to spot the trend and set up the trade

You can add an indicator or oscillator to the chart by clicking the “List of indicators” button on the Home tab.

In Forex Tester, we got all indicators divided into 6 groups according to their functions.

In addition, you can right-click on the chart and select “Add Indicator”.

If you add your own indicators, you will find them in the “Custom indicators” list.

Note: you can download more indicators from our repository via the List of Indicators- Recommended Indicators menu.

You will see the following dialog window where you can modify the indicator’s properties before it is placed on the chart.

To modify the indicator’s parameters, double-click on it or use the combination: left mouse click + Enter.

Some of the properties may have a dialog window or dropdown list where you can select available values.

To apply changes, either press the Enter or Tab key or left-click on the dialog. If you need to cancel the changes you’ve made, press the Esc key.

Each indicator is linked to one timeframe of the chart window. So, if you place it on the H1 time frame, you will not see it on other time frames (15 min, 1 min, etc.). It was done for optimization purposes, if not, it would slow down the testing process significantly. We recommend you to place indicators only on those time frames where you need them. You can do it with the help of "Timeframes" tab, activate the needed timeframes here:

To edit the indicator on the chart, please click the right mouse button on the indicator's line, you will see the next menu:

You can edit indicator's properties (select “Edit …” option in this case) or delete it from the chart (“Delete …“).

You can combine more than 1 indicator in the oscillator window. Click the right mouse button in the oscillator window and select "Add indicator to window". When you delete the oscillator's window, all other indicators in this window will be deleted too.

Also, you can see and manage all the indicators on all charts and timeframes with the help of List of indicators → Current chart button on the toolbar:

Here you can edit indicator properties, delete indicators, or delete all indicators on all charts at once.

Custom indicators in .dll format could be installed with the List of indicators → Install New Indicator button.

After importing you can find your indicators in the List of indicators → Custom submenu.